Get Your Showoff Fix!

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January 30, 2012
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February 2, 2012

Get Your Showoff Fix!

Today is super exciting! Roeshel is sharing a truely amazing before and after, which has me thinking a lot! Roeshel and I met earlier last year, and I fell in love with her immediatly. I am sure you will too!!

Hi Making a House a Home friends! I’m Roeshel from the

I’m so excited to be hanging out here today. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Joey and Lana in person. They’re awesome! Recently, I made a quick decision to give our stair landing a quick makeover. No thinking about it, I just jumped right in. I used leftover paint, supplies, and decorative accessories we already had on hand (+ the felted reindeer head, rug and clock I got for Christmas). Before was ho-hum with no personality and a 1980s brass/oak light fixture….



I made and cut out a diamond shaped stencil from posterboard and using a pencil, lightly traced the pattern on the wall.



I taped off the pattern with Frog tape. Cutting tape at an angle made for easier taping in the corners of the diamond. Thankfully I’m doing a small wall. I probably wouldn’t attempt this on a large area.

It’s important to take a credit card and rub all over the tape to make sure it’s all stuck to the wall for a crisp clean paint line. Otherwise paint will seep under the edges.



Here’s what it looks like before painting…


In progress…

I did two coats and peeled off the tape immediately after the second coat, while the paint was still wet. Touch up paint as needed.

Take a look at the before of the small landing one more time:

And now the stairwell landing reveal…

Much better, don’t you think?

Thanks for letting me ‘show off’, Joey & Lana!

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  1. Roeshel says:

    Hmmm…I'm getting an unable to post error. But again, wanted to thank you two for letting me share my little DIY spot today! 😉

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