Going home to roost!

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March 19, 2010
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March 23, 2010

Going home to roost!

Swoon. Gush. Swoon Swoon. Yes, in just a moment those words will be running in your brain uncontrollably! Bonnie, editor for Going Home to Roost has created her blog in a magical fashion.

Each post is fresh and informative, and each photo, purely brilliant. Her blog is a daily first read of mine, and I encourage you to pop on over there after you get to know her a bit!


1. What’s Your Name and URL: hello! my name is bonnie forker and i author going home to roost.

2. When did you start blogging? What drove you in the direction home design?: i started blogging in april, 2009 (almost one year!) and plan to continue for many years to come.  i like to write about home design, because i feel like a home is such a special place.  it’s a unique reflection of who you are and it’s where you can really get creative.  at going home to roost, we’re all about roosting, which means making your home a place where you can do all things that you enjoy most.  along with home design, you can find me writing about handmade artists, gardening, recipes, diy and craft projects and homesteading.

3. What has been your favorite post?:i think my favorite post was actually one i wrote this past week about the latest femivore movement.  it generated such a since of community and was so inspiring and uplifting to talk about it.  i encourage you to come join in our conversation!
4. Where do you go to for inspiration?: lots of places!  off line i always head outdoors and walk around the yard, go for a hike or head out on a run.  i live in the beautiful mountains of north carolina and nature and beauty surround me, always filling me with inspiration!  i also find lots of inspiration by taking photographs or reading a good book in the sunshine.

online i love finding and learning about new artists and often visit my favorite blogs for inspiration.

 5. Every home dweller should: make their home a reflection of themselves.

6. If you had unlimited funds you would buy :a new fence for the backyard and some sheep (not what you expected, huh?) for your home


7.Where would you buy a second home and why?: at the beach, any quite & beautiful beach. 
8. What’s your favorite piece of furniture in your home?: the old farm table we use in my kitchen to eat at.  as i sit their, i can just envision all it’s been through.  it has old nails running down the center and knife marks as i guess someone once used it as a chopping block.  i love to let it take me back to a simpler way of life

9. Your homes style is: whimsical and bright

10. Three words to describe your personal taste: simple, fresh, comfortable

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  1. Oh my gosh! This interview is a blast. In fact, I have been digging through the archives to see all of the other interviews and things you’ve done, Lana. What a beautiful blog and home. My house is a 450 square foot apartment in Berlin. We love it, but it certainly challenges what we can do. For starters, the kitchen is 36 square feet! Whew. Love the answer to #5.

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