Gypsy Picnic Love

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May 14, 2014
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Gypsy Picnic Love

Oh, Nashville! You have our hearts. The weather has been so great. New York had the worst winter, and to come to Nashville and have such great sun with a cool breeze has been amazing. We have become addicted to walking every night. The weather is begging us to stay outside and hang out, so we are listening and planning lots of out door activities. We are hosting two parties in June, and one is a Gypsy Picnic for some lady friends I have met. Nashville has got to be the friendliest place ever because you can’t leave the house without meeting someone new and exchanging information and making plans. Our little corner is simply magical, and we feel so so so lucky.



The Gypsy Picnic will be a small tasting party. I am going to have about a 1/2 dozen different “meals” of food made and some specialty drinks in the shade of our backyard, picnic style. Buddha’s are invited!

gypsy picnic, gypsy inspiration

I found ton of inspiration on Pinterst, naturally. It’s like all the boho/MCM people got together and pinned the best of the best and it’s so easy to find inspiration to pull together a fun party. Speaking of pulling together…

I pulled together a playlist on Spotify for the afternoon to set the mood, because who doesn’t love  a little Brazilian Girls while they are sipping Sangria on a picnic blanket being flanked by pretty textiles and string lights?

I have already begun shopping, and scored the majority of the needed goods at Pier 1. The Buddha was an amazing deal on sale at $99 (it’s huge and on sale!) and the pretty parasol is a welcome addition to keep us cool and in the shade because our trees are babies and haven’t figured out how to provide serious sun shielding powers yet. We actually had  award time with the adoption process of our Buddha. There are a lot to chose from, but we went with this one because you can have his hands hold things, like flowers. They had a great selection of tasting party stuff as well, which gave me the idea in the first place, so I scooped up a bunch of neutrals to lay down the foundation and can’t wait to find a flower shop to pull it all together.
pier 1 picnic

I love  a good list, and I love a freebie even more, so I put together a Gypsy Picnic Checklist for you!  It’s a simple list to help you plan your picnic with ease. It’s always easier to plan (even the smallest of gatherings), when I can write things down and look at a timeline. Enjoy!

party checklist, party check list



Find what speaks to you.

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  1. Lisa S says:

    This looks so pretty! I can’t wait to see you pull it all together.

  2. Samantha Willis says:

    i like what you did with your blog, it looks great. the picnic also looks great. i love the buddha.

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