Gypsy Picnic Recap

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June 1, 2015
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Gypsy Picnic Recap

We had planned the cutest backyard picnic, and were so excited to set up and then BOOM! Thunder, lightning, and rain. After weeks of planning, we refused to cancel. With a wet ground, supplies in hand and guests showing up in just a few hours, I though it was time to exercise porch life. A little rain wasn’t going to hurt anyone if it sprinkled in. Gypsy Picnic turned Gypsy Porch Picnic!


I had put together a tasting menu and presented everything on some super cute Pier 1 tasting party-ware which made everything look super fancy and chic.


The recipe post is going to take a moment to pull together but I promise to share it all. The cups were 10% filled with home made green goddess dressing (vegan) and some celery and carrots. Second up, in the tiny porcelain squares was a cranberry nut chew square with a blueberry and mint garnish. The tasting spoon was dressed with a wheat berry salad that I made a lime vinaigrette dressing for. The serving tray came with the set, and is on sale for $20 (!!).



We bought two of the tasting sets and I dismantled one so I could spread the food out more and make little stations. I made some vegan chocolate orange puddings and used the same cups as the green goddess + veggie display. I just put them on a plate and gave them their own table. The kit comes with tiny little spoons, which I am obsessed with and use everyday now with coffee or the baby.


Another easy peasy picnic fave was putting tons of sangria and raspberry lemonade in these fun dispenses so everyone could serve themselves. We didn’t want things to feel “plastic” so we placed stemless wineglasses on a piece of raw wood next to next to the dispenses. It gave it a nice natural feel.





We listened to the playlist I made a while back, which was so perfect for the on-again-off-again rain. I loved this little hanging chair for my phone to chill out in instead of just laying it on the table. Our backyard is still piping out flowers, and these pink ones made me super happy to use for the picnic.




I made everyone a little parting snack and found these super cute Buddha pens at Pier1 I tied to them. I also gave everyone a horseshoe for good luck. You can never have enough luck.




The huge popcorn jute grounded to food area, and gave the outside space a little more texture. We love it’s huge-ness so much we are now using it as a welcome mat permanently.


I snagged four of these serving plates and made mini versions of my vegan pulled pork. This time though, they were made on top of an herbed grilled cheese. Not so vegan.


I was so happy to spend some porch time with my new Nashville friends. Everyone seemed to feel cozy and happy eating and drinking. It was pretty much the perfect afternoon even if the weather wasn’t perfect!


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