Hi, we are the folks behind Rich Hippies

Adventure 5 // Tampa Bay Area, FL
June 13, 2018
Rich Hippies House | West Palm Beach Events | happilycuratedchaos.com
Peek Inside Makers Day at The Rich Hippies House
June 27, 2018

Hi, we are the folks behind Rich Hippies

Rich Hippies House | Events | happilycuratedchaos.com

Hi friends. We have been working like crazy for 18 months in production to bring you some shine *new* Rich Hippies Littles merch, and we are so excited to introduce you to it in just a few weeks. As I was thinking about sharing this collection with you, I realized more and more people care about what business(s) we run these days and I realized it’s  time for an update on who we are and what we do for all you new folks. Welcome, friends.

Hi, I am Lana. Right now my family is planning a trip around the world (for at least a year!), and we have a pretty tight deadline to meet. Let me show you what me and my family do on the daily.

This blog is the family blog behind the Rich Hippies brand, because life and work are one in the same these days.

In September 2017 we bought and renovated this Spanish compound and turned it into a vacation rental and workshop space.

the rich hippies house | sea level Airbnb rental | happilycuractedchaos.com

photo @shelbysphoto

We have been having the most beautiful time each month cohosting events with local and far-away talent.

photo @shelbysphoto / teacher @garnerblue

photo @shelbysphoto / teacher @garnerblue

photo @shelbysphoto

I currently live with my Family  live in Florida, semi-full-time and am in  Nashville at my shop when I am not doing events south of the south or with our factory working on production of our brand, Rich Hippies® Little.

So primarily, I run this blog, design children’s clothing, have our flagship shop in Nashville I actively manage, run the Rich Hippies House events in West Palm Beach, and lastly, have a publication coming out for children in Spring ’19 (way too excited about this!). This is what going on in our daily lived when we aren’t planning trips and getting ready to travel full time. It’s why we changed our blog from Making a House a Home to Happily Curated Chaos – so much more travel is coming.

Atlas has embarked on full-time student life. He is part of a home school coop we begin this year. He’s decided to do another season of soccer, but asks to play golf more than you would think a five year old would. He’s constantly making us wonder how he got so cool and funny.

Atlas | Happily Curated Chaos

And Joey. Joey, Joey, Joey. He’s basically the entire foundation of this operation. He’s the one who’s ideas may be even bigger than mine. The compound was actually his idea and his find – he just let me decorate it. He renovated and contracted the whole thing, which isn’t bad for a professional composer. During the day Joey is usually working on music for a commercial or TV show and sometimes a movie. He’s also been working on a publishing deal, so he’s pretty busy musically. It’s easy to catch him looking up private islands, run down hotels, compounds, and other properties he finds interesting in search of the next project for us to work on together. He is also such a huge part of Rich Hippies Littles when it comes to fabric production.

We dip our toes in each other’s work often, it’s how we get to spend our days together. We are usually working from home, but both have mobil rigs to be able to work from anywhere. We even got a car with internet to help us in emergencies.

So that’s basically who we are – obviously way more complicated and intricate – but that’s what about 500 words will get ya. For everyone who’s asked “What is a Rich Hippie”, it’s someone who’s found there riches from life, love, and family.


Cheers friends! So so so so excited to share the collection of Rich Hippies Littles with you very soon.


happily curated chaos | happilycuratedchaos.com

PS Want to see some the renovations at the Rich Hippies House? Check out the studio before and after. 

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