House Hunted

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March 12, 2014
Little Boxes
April 1, 2014

House Hunted

I am dying to dump my DIY plans and design dreams of our new home into the internet right now, but I know I have some explainin’ to do and catching up of things need to be had.

Back when Joey and I met in Manhattan about nine years ago, I had already actually moved back to my home town (Boca Raton, FL) with my fiancé and best friend to live a beachy and more relaxing kind of life. The plan was to do interior design for high end homes after working under my dad a while. After a small stretch of working with him, I realized we may not be able to maintain this kind of perfect thing we have going on, and I should quit because trying to explain why he needs email in this day and age was getting exhausting, and I love him too much. So I got another job, which brought me to New York on business, and this is how I met Joey. After just hours of knowing him, I knew I was in major trouble. I was mid-break up with my fiancé, and not loving my new job and Joey insisted I move back to New York, and in with him, and he would promptly be in Florida to pack me up and bring me back. And the crazy part was, I did. After only two weeks of knowing him, I moved right back up to New York and the rest is history.

I really wanted to see where this relationship would go, but I hated the idea of more winters and the constant buzz of the city, but in the line of work he does, it’s New York or Los Angeles, and I certainly wasn’t moving to LA. Basically, I was done with New York nine years ago, and we just now finally got around to moving. It took a while to find a spot what worked for us. Moving home seems to be the obvious thing to do, but Boca and Houston aren’t exactly on the top of the list for either of our industries, and though they lack snow, the heat is a bit much as well. We went back and forth between Richmond, VA and Nashville, TN about a hundred times after some pleasant vacations and enough possible work for both of us was evident. Literally. We took so many trips to each over the last year, they were both started to feel like our new home.

When we put our house on the market, we certainly didn’t expect to sell it in four days. In the middle of the holidays. We had to rush to pick and place, and I finally just told Joey, “It’s your call“. Joey picked Nashville, and that worked for me. Us and timing, it’s a thing, I swear. We seemed to have picked a time in the history of Nashville, that everyone is buying. Inventory is low. Prices are high. Every house has a major problem, and they aren’t that much cheaper than Westchester County, NY. We bid $50K over asking on a cabin we were sure we were going to call home a few weeks before closing on our New York house, and it wasn’t until we actually moved to Nashville, that we found out we did not get the house. WHAT?! Yep, that crazy of a market.

So, Joey, Atlas, Rocket VonScience, Porkchop VanderSandwich myself, and one surviving house plant had been doing the AirBNB hop for three weeks while we hunt for a house full time. We happen to have the most amazing husband/wife realtors who have been so kind and flexible with us. After losing the cabin (on an acre! ah!), we proceeded to be “too little too late” on a handful of other properties. While mid-contract on a pretty large house (with a theatre, studio for Joey, three large bedrooms on one floor, big new kitchen), our realtors sent us a cute little cottage next to the park, in a very family friendly area. The house looked super cute. It was pretty small, but had a good vibe to it. It was 10 pm when this house got listed, and Joey went to drive past it. We have learned the game. First one in with a big bid gets the house. Inspect and get quotes later. 

When he came back after peeking at the house, I knew this is the one we were going to call home. The next morning at 10am, we went to view it (along with a million other people), and thew in an offer $50K over asking, and crossed our fingers again. This time, the offer was accepted. We are currently trying to figure out how to put 6,000 sqft of stuff into a 2,000 sqft house! We LOVE this little cottage, and plan to expand and truly make it ours. We can’t wait to share! Thanks for hanging out and checking in along the way. We love you guys.



  1. Wow. THat’s insane. Can you imagine what it would be like in an ‘up’ market?!

  2. AM Shield says:

    That’s crazy! Best of luck 🙂

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