How is summer almost over?

And we got ourselves a bathroom!
July 28, 2015
Fall Y'all
It’s Fall Ya’ll!
September 22, 2015

How is summer almost over?

It’s late August and we are just getting to explore Dinosaur World (Cave City, KY 1.5 hours away from Nashville). How can this be? This was an early summer plan, and here we are with Halloween decorations gracing the drugs stores already panics to check at least a few more items off our Summer 2015 to-do list.

Making a House a Home I Nashville Summer 2015 I

Owning a shop and a design firm and being a mom while running a blog has proven to be more challenging than one would already think. I love all things equally and work never really feels like work, but that does not make it any less tiring. We structured our weekly schedule to ensure we have two consecutive family days every week where it’s just the three of us. How summer has gone so fast is still a mystery.

Making a House a Home I Nashville Summer 2015 I

Making a House a Home I Nashville Summer 2015 I

Beyond Dinosaur World we were able to check out Percy Priest which was recommended by one of my shop girls earlier this summer. Atlas had a blast, I on the other hand missed the crystal clear ocean water we had early been playing in while visiting Florida just a few weeks before. Something about water I can’t see through, I don’t trust.




Making a House a Home I Nashville Summer 2015 I

My dad still lives in Florida, so it’s always a treat to see him and friends I grew up with and bring Atlas to those places that made my childhood memorable. The Florida Keys is one of the most simple places I love to visit. Lunch at mile marker 99, Mrs. Macs and off to a tiny hidden beach 30 more minutes south and I am in all sorts of Heaven. Atlas, he liked the sharks.


We have spent a lot of time on our porch, which is like having an extra room and I don’t know how we ever lived without one. Atlas loves to water the plants every day and I love these new plant pops I have at my little shop here in East Nashville. We are growing carrots! All of our tomatoes and peppers have died, so hopefully we can keep this tiny pot alive.

making a house a home I paint on rug I

We are so confused about if we are a.) buying a new house b.) making additions/major edits to this house c.) staying in Nashville. It’s paralyzed us from committing to anything real, but in the mean time we are sprucing up each room to be what we want sans construction. I decided to single handedly (OK, a little help from Joey), work on the front porch, including exciting a new color story and have only had time at night to paint. Joey was helping and accidentally dropped the paint can on our favorite wool rug. We learned that spraying at top speed with a hose removed the paint really well. Just make sure to spray your rug when the paint is still wet. This rug is finding a new room out side of the living room, it’s gotten a lot of abuse this summer and we are trying to save her. For now, we have a naked floor.

making a house a home I living room no rug I


Now that summer is wrapping up I am so excited to circle back to blogging more and am so excited to introduce my design assistant and guest blogger hop on board. We will not only blog about my home, and our airbnb, but we will be sharing client projects.



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