How We Avoid Loosing Everything But Our Minds

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How We Avoid Loosing Everything But Our Minds


The compound is on it’s way and boy does it feel great to begin to see progress. It’s like another hurricane hit it, but at least we can see with our own eyes the yummy stuff, i.e. beyond demolition. While we are wrapping up this property, we are in escrow on another project, which is 10X more exciting than the compound, and we are itching to tell you all about it, but you know the drill. It seems only 1/10 efforts come to pass, so we are going to be all hush hush until we have keys.

In the mean time, our home and life is a mess. In the actual meaning of mess, like messy. Every corner is basically disaster level, and we have needed a major organizational reboot and help in every area we could get it. Enter, a tiny solution that’s made a big difference when we inevitably loose things.

A long long time ago on Kickstarter I backed a product I knew would be a game changer and it has saved me and my keys time and time again. Seriously. I am am there person who puts their keys in the fridge. A lot. So when any sort of mind-decluttering solution exists, I try it. The community aspect of the technology is pretty amazing and has helped me retrace my steps, even when Tile first began. Strangers help each other locate lost items in kind of a virtual lost-and-found, and it works. Now enter the newer and cuter Tile and you have me sold all over again.

This time, with kid-in-tow, we lose a whole batch of other important things, like passports at the airport (who, me?), and stuffed friends. Heck, we even lost our safe during our move down to Florida but eventually found it. Never again!


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