How we got two couches, three beds, eight chandeliers and a bunch of accessories for less than $4K

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October 5, 2017
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How we got two couches, three beds, eight chandeliers and a bunch of accessories for less than $4K

You read that right. It wasn’t a craigslist blitz or a thrift store take over. Everything is brand spanking new and we love it. We actually got it way less than $4K, and we’ll show you how we did it, but first, let me show you what we snagged.

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I really love this day bed. It’s super simple and can be styled so many different ways. We plan to use it in the main house, downstairs bedroom. Full price it’s $449.

how we decorated for cheap | | happily curated chaosThis couch is so good. The color is perfect and the price is kinda unbelievable. We went to check out some pieces in person before doing our full order online, and the quality is way better than we thought. The velvet is a nice, soft velvet too. It’s $749 and far cheaper than anything we have found that’s this nice.

So, what’s the secret to getting things even cheaper? I am so so so excited to share our little discovery. This may be old news to some, but we just cracked the code. World Market. This post is not sponsored in any way. I am actually blown away by how much we got for what we spent. Even if we didn’t get a single discount, it’s a steal, but why not sweeten the deal?

How to save a ton of money at World Market

First off, start your shopping with one of their general coupons. Here is one for 10% off.

Sign up for their rewards program immediately. You’ll see why below. Also the app is pretty handy to if you shop in person and it makes the check out process really easy if you have a lot of $10 bonuses.

If you spend over $150, you are automatically qualified for free shipping. Keep in mind there are oversize charges on larger items added on, even after shipping is removed.

Don’t buy everything at once! If you have signed up for your rewards, once the items ship to you they appear in the form of $10 on your account. You can use in store or online. They look like this:

Sometimes other offers are in with the rewards, like discounts and free shipping. So an example ro our experience was, we bough $500 and got something like $50 in rewards. The next order on a day bed, we used a 30% off friends and family day + applied the $50 in rewards and got free shipping. The day bed is usually $450 and we got it for $226 + free ship and a small fee to ship the large item. And, you guessed it, we gat reward on the $226 we spent.

Check out the haul we got to go between the duplex, studio, and main house.

how we decorated for cheap | | happily curated chaos

blue couch | candle sconce | indigo bath mat (similar) | bead chandelier | green couch | rope chandelier cord | brass + glass pendant | black wicker pendant | wood screen | wicker headboard | day bed | leaning mirror | shibori lamp shade | rattan lamp base | black and gold chandelier | mesh chandelier | marble coasters 

Our total would have been what you see below, but with all the rewards and coupons, we actually only spent $3,278 for everything you see. And we got multiples of some stuff! Three brass pendants, two lamps and two lamp shades, two rattan headboards and four coster sets. Not bad!

how we decorated for cheap | | happily curated chaos

We have scored some pretty amazing deals all around, and we are very excited about that because the pavers outside are WAY more than we expected. New car expensive. Freak out in my stomach for a week level expensive. The penny pinches has begun, and boy is it hard when you want everything to be super beautiful. Can’t wait to show you where we placed all the great stuff and how it looks in it’s new home.



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