It’s Fall Ya’ll!

How is summer almost over?
August 26, 2015
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Trash Talking
October 16, 2015

It’s Fall Ya’ll!

Fall Y'all

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Growing up in Florida, “ya’ll” was a thing, and it’s a thing I lost when I moved in NYC in 1999. For nearly 15 years, I barely said it  -until we moved to Nashville, and it’s oddly comforting to hear it so often.

Something South Florida didn’t really have was a true fall, but as a kid we used to come to Tennessee and I was able to see the leaves change.  I had always dreamed of living by the mountains and throwing a faux stag up on the wall and lighting some logs on the fire while curling up in a plaid blanket watching “Gilmore Girls” front to back for the zillionth time.

These days we do movie night with Atlas, who is just over 2.5 years old now and loves a good classic flick so we all snuggle up and make a night of it. I suppose silly little dreams can come true.

making a house a home I plaid fall living room I


Target was kind enough to include us in their campaign for fall and all things plaid, and I was a little too giddy to comply. The new items they have available are the best I have ever seen. The plaid options are so good. I had the movie in mind, and the weather is just getting crisp enough to pull out the hot cocoa and snack bowls to snuggle up and introduce fall with our favorite plaid picks.

making a house a home I plaid target mug I

Perhaps you aren’t as lazy as us, but when we relax, we r-e-l-a-x. Let me introduce the laziest of lazy man’s relaxing technique. Move over lazy Susan- this has you beat. The coffee table is too far to hold snacks and drinks, so this tiny, odd-shapen wooden table placed on the couch is perfect. You barely have to stretch your elbow to grab your mug.

making a house a home I target plaid I

If you are going to get into couch drinking and dining, let me also suggest using a tablecloth (’cause you’re classy) instead of replacement of a blanket if you have little ones. This mama has no issue with using this cute plaid one to catch crumbs and drips, but I have a major issue with it on our throws we use to snuggle. Plus it looks all cute and plaid and a lot like a blanket.

making a house a home I target plaid I

Joey picked out these super cute plaid mugs and I thought they were so cute and unexpected; and same with the candle. I love how there are so many products with plaid to pick from right now. It may seem scary to work plaid in, but we took a leap and broke some rules-and I am so excited about the results. Will you play by the rules or break the rules with Target Plaid?

making a house a home I target plaid I

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  1. Margo says:

    I HAVE to know… Where did you get your couch? (Please don’t say Restoration Hardware, its way too expensive for me)

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