Let’s Drink // 1

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July 9, 2015
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Let’s Drink // 1

This post is sponsored by Gold Peak Tea.

Summer is here, and I can feel it in my pores. Nashville has this crazy kind of heat that is a lot like summer in Manhattan. It’s like a bubble of humidity you can’t shake and attaches to you the instant you walk outside. Basically anything you can do to keep from moving too much outside is something we are game for. It’s the time of year where we are so grateful we have a porch and some great friends. Because chit chatting over some iced tea is about the only kind of activity I can handle in June.


We have lived in East Nashville about a year now and have noticed this town is really into fruit tea. We never had this in New York, Florida or Texas and we have really taken a liking to it and concocted a recipe to share with you all that is an instant fave.


Some fruit tea, fruit pie, and good friends with good conversation makes a perfect after-work night around here.


What you will need are some mason jars or a very large pitcher/dispenser and an ice cube tray.


Gold Peak Fruit Iced Tea Recipe

1 59 oz. bottle of Gold Peak sweet or unsweet tea

1 can of frozen concentrated orange or pineapple juice

1 can of frozen concentrated lemonade

1 fresh orange cut into thin slices

handful of cinnamon sticks

1 jar maraschino cherries

making a house a home I fruit tea I happilycuratedchaos.com

Dump everything but the cherries and orange into your chosen container. Refill your Gold Peak bottle with filtered water and add that to the container and stir.


Use this mix to make a tray of ice cubes and put the container in your fridge for at least 12 hours.


We made some pre made mason jars and added the cherries (2 per jar), twisted them up and put them on ice. People refilled as they pleased from the dispenser where we put the iced-tea-ice-cubes and sliced oranges in.




There’s nothing like Gold Peak’s home-brewed taste. Gold Peak, the taste that brings you home.




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  1. I love my tea and this looks so good. I can’t hardly wait make it!

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