Living Room Redo

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March 1, 2016
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March 26, 2016

Living Room Redo


We have worked this living room 100 times. No, seriously. We refused to buy a house that wouldn’t fit this couch, and this couch can only go on one wall in our living room. We did a lot of talking and planning. We almost pulled the trigger on a projector as the TV, but decided to save it for another room. We have switched rugs, coffee table, side tables, TV location, fire place color, room color, and art – more than once each.

making a house a home I nashville living room I

Living rooms are soooooo hard. You have the constant struggle of what looks good vs. what works for real life. It’s pretty easy to make a living room look good, but there is a solid chance it’s not going to function like you need it to. Sure, I would love some chairs on the other side of the coffee table facing the couch. If we had people over for conversation 4X a week, that would make sense.

making a house a home I nashville mid century I

Real life is more like Joey and me and Atlas doing yoga, dance parties, and epic couch snuggles on a daily basis, and we finally set up the room the way it actually works for us and I don’t hate the design. Can I get a “hands up”?

making a house a home I east nashville living room I

Atlas loves to explore out the window, which is the only “TBD” moment. I have some window dressing selected, and just on a hunt for hardware that is nice, but not “too much” because the front door also needs dressing and they are so close to one another it can get really busy and overwhelming texturally.

making a house a home I atlas I


making house a home I candle sconce brass I

This chair was a gift to Joey from when we lived in NYC at our favorite furniture store, ABC Carpet and Home. It’s been hanging out in the Attic for two years and I am so excited we found  good place for her.

making a house a home I nashville mid century modern I

There is a ton of space for Atlas to twirl around and floor space to play, and also there is nothing for him to ruin or break. It’s so nice to have this room done! Our clients and shop, Rich Hippies, has been taking all our design brain, but something tipped us these past few weeks into focusing on our home. I am so excited to share all the changes we made.

Making a House a Home I east nahshville living room I

making a house a home I painted fire place I



sources: 1. couch: Restoration Hardware 2. rug: RugsUSA  3. Slat Bench: vintage 4. Chair: ABC Carpet and Home  5. Sconces: Vintage 6. Planter (tall): vintage 7. White paint: delicate white by Olympic 8. small bear skin: Rich Hippies 9. XL sheepskin: RugsUSA 




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    Living Room Redo

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    Living Room Redo

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