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September 11, 2012
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September 18, 2012

One-a-Week / 3

In my everyday life, I am a boss. Yep, believe it or not I tell people what to do, and often how to do it. The number one thing I tell my staff is that they have to have a calendar, and they have to update it and give it to me once a week. It’s really the only requirement I have. I manage a creative department, a tech department, pr, and marketing. This rule applies to all of them. How they manage their projects is totally up to them, but they need to actually produce a calendar. And after a while, you know what happened? They all begin to rely on the calendar. It’s magic. It makes you excited to get stuff done.

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When something is important, I dedicate a calendar to it in personal life as well. Like this blog. Our little labor of love. I use to do everything digital, an I just felt like things were slipping through the cracks so I went on a hunt for an editorial calendar style planner, and was not successful in finding one.  So I made one. I am not over the moon excited with how the cover turned out, but I am super excited about how the insides turned out. Thanks to this pinner, I had a guide to follow!

diy blog planner

There is a folder (regular file folder with a 1/2 cut on the side facing up to make it easy to open) on the left to feed the used pages into, so when I open the book, the current week is staring back on me. I also printed a tiny little calendar for reference on dates and attached it with glue dots.

diy blog calendar, diy editorial planner

I printed out 52 of these sheets I made, and brought them and the folder to staples along with two pieces of chipboard and had everything cut to size and spiral bound for $6! Feel free to use the format I did. I look at what others did and adapted to my needs.

Now, all this was the simple part. The plain chipboard was kind of depressing, so I had this brilliant idea of using heat transfer sheet to iron my logo on the cover, let me save you some trouble.

iron on to chipboard, iron on to cardboard

Pretty gross! Maybe it was the brand I used, but it just didn’t work and I was super bummed out. Take a lesson from my #fail and maybe deal with your cover before you cut and bind it! So, I decided to print the logo on presentation paper and glue it with a glue stick. Another bad idea.


For all the Home Movies fans out there: Double Lamo. I was getting ticked off because I felt like I ruined it beyond repair and was mad at myself for not figuring this out before I bound it at Staples. If this chipboard just simply would feed through the printer, that would have been ideal. I actually thought about whipping out the gocco, but it hardly seemed worth it for one print. So  here is what I landed on.


Yep! This is what you use to print fabric through your printer. Years ago Ink Bloom sent me a roll to review and we made a pretty great pillow and then stored it away. Basically it’s a roll of sticker paper and you stick the fabric to it and it feed through the printer, and then you peal it off. Imagine a HUGE address label that fills up a whole sheet. Well I printed ON in instead of using it to guide the fabric, and ended up with a huge sticker with my logo on it.

blog planner, editorial calendar, free blog planner, printable blog planner

I cut it to side and slowly removed the backing and stuck on, then decorated with washi tape. It’s a bit more “homemade” that I wanted it to look, but I will live for how.

Let me know if you give this a go, and what you do with your cover!

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  1. Andrew Repin says:

    It’s great to read that calendars do influence you and your staff a lot! And, as what I’ve seen here, you used a heat transfer machine or whatever to complete this calendar-making activity. Can you please describe the machine you used? It’s because I am really familiar with other kinds of heat transfer system, hehe.

  2. It looks great-I had no idea you could have things bound so cheaply! I don’t know how I could function without my calendar-I wouldn’t get anything done!

    • Joey & Lana says:

      yes! i am learning a lot about what you can do there cheap, and other places too 🙂 – but i am seriously addicted to using it weekly, it’s been super helpful!

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