Our Top 30 Must-Have at the Land of Nod Sale

Some Obvious Changes
August 22, 2016
If you feel like shopping, a good place to start is The Paris Market. It's smaller than I thought it would be, but has a really well curated selection of gifts, and even a tiny cafe. Don't forget to pop downstairs, there are even more home goods. The whole strip is walkable and cute.
Adventure 1 // Savannah, GA
September 13, 2016

Our Top 30 Must-Have at the Land of Nod Sale

I am a HUGE fan of kids stuff. Well, kids, baby, and tween. So much so, when we moved to Nashville, I opened a kids shop, and then another, and we are off venturing in various states as we pick our third location.  It’s basically the most fun I have had working besides designing kid’s rooms. I LOVE designing homes for clients, there is something so magical about environments for little people. Every nook counts. Every material choice needs to be a positive sensory experience, and everything must be placed at the right level for little hands to reach. It’s a fun challenge, and it brings me so much joy. My favorite spot for unique and stylish stuff is ABC in New York and Land of Nod online. I love to use them for clients, and while searching for great stuff for a client’s nursery, I found so many beautiful things I needed to share, all on sale. Can’t lie, I am going to snag as much as I can handle for Atlas’s ever changing playroom.



acrylic play gym infant | happily curated chaos

acrylic infant gym

strong man halloween costume | happily curated chaos


tee pee mobile, tipi mobile | happily curated chaos

teepee mobile

toadstool mushroom tent | happily curated chaos



happilycuratedchaos.com I Land of Nod Sale Picks I Happily Curated Chaos 1. bassinet  2. mint bookcase  3. tiny peacock chair  4. tiny campaign desk  5. old school desk 6. viking pillow 7. tiny pattern pillow 8. guitar 9. shoe lamp 10. pink and gold rolling chair 11. acrylic blocked tower 12. clear house book shelf 13. leaning white book holder  13. letters (corkboard) 14. yeti 15.trailer art 16. lampshade with triangles 17. headboard 18. acrylic block shelves 19. red round shelf 20. colorful acrylic boxes 21. gold hamper 22. white and wood raised toy bin  23. lunch box  24. red wire floor bin  25. sea creature sheet set 26. triangle pillow 


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  1. I so want that bookcase. Simple yet elegant.

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