Perfectly Pink and Neutral

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June 23, 2016
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August 7, 2016

Perfectly Pink and Neutral

This post is sponsored by Ace Hardware. All thoughts and opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect those of Ace Hardware.

As much as we are loving our new high-contrast living room, we thought we’d do something a little more low-key for our master bedroom. We decided to “mellow out” the black barn door hardware with something soft rather than stark.

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Two cans of Rust-Oleum 2X paint and primer later, we had a nice soft color relationship starting. We are still waiting on our window hardware and have to swap out the bed, but we are pretty close.








With the exception of taking the hardware down off the wall, spray-painting was a snap. The paint dried super quick, so we were done in just a few hours. Based on our experience, we have some tips to ensure success while painting on metal and plastic.


Before painting your metal, it’s a good idea to properly clean the object you’re working with to make sure no dust or residue is present. No one wants to see bumps when they’re finished painting or, worse, end up with paint that starts to flake off. Try to do a dry clean with an electrostatic wipe. If you must do a wet clean with a tad of detergent and water, make sure your item is completely rinsed and dry before spray-painting, or the paint may not adhere properly.

Two quick coats, and that’s that

Make sure to evenly spray each coat, and make sure the first coat dries before applying the second. There’s no primer required with Rust-Oleum 2X paint and primer. Make sure to shake the can well before applying. It’s always good to test in a discrete area before actually coating your metal.

Don’t spray too close

The joy of spray paint comes from its instant gratification, even coats, and quick drying time. If you spray too close, and try to get one thick coat instead of working in stages, you will have a drippy mess. Hold your hand back 2-3 feet while you spray.

Wax on

When you are done, apply some soy wax to coat the newly painted object. Just use it in its solid state and rub gently all over to “hold in” your work. Something functional, like this barn door track, needs a little extra protection to ensure that you can enjoy your work long-term.

Remember to always work in a well ventilated area and use proper protection.



If you’re spray-painting a smaller object – like a light switch, for example – do it in a box or someplace that can catch the paint, like a drop cloth. The big pro of spray painting is that is drys so much quicker than a traditional paint + brush treatment. It’s hot in Nashville right now, anything to cut down on time outside is a big plus.

Have fun spraying away. We will be sharing out full bedroom makeover soon. Almost there!

Rustoleum 2x: 2X spray paints let you polish off your project with an easy-to-apply, smooth finish with excellent coverage. These spray paints dry fast to save you time and come in 50+ colors and a variety of sheens so you can get exactly the look you want.




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