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October 15, 2012
October 29, 2012

Play Money

Hello! We are back from a great trip down to sunny Florida, where we had our very last vacation as a family of two! We spent the week in the sunshine and with our toes between the sand, while I ate everything in sight (I have been SO hungry lately!), and we enjoyed time with my dad. I am not the best relaxer, haven’t had a lot of practice at it, but I am working on it. Needless to say to anyone who knows me at all, those quiet moments turned in to mental list making moments. First thing on the brain, baby.

It went something like this:

“We need to get roman shades, and a rug, oh yea, a fan too. Three months, wow, three months. Are we banking the cord blood? Wow, it’s that expensive to bank cord blood! How much is that breast pump, seriously! I need to order the moses basket and stand NOW, what if they don’t ship in time! Who’s insurance is the baby going under. What about the will? Do we start a college fund now? How much is this going to cost?! Let’s start small, with a piggy bank….

Sometimes I feel like I can really relate to Claire Danes’ character, Carrie, on Homeland. Yes, she may be nuts, but she gets the job done.

So, we picked up this super cute piggy bank on Amazon (from Child to Cherish) for less than $20, and he’s pretty awesome. His name is Oink, and we are going to fill his belly with money for the baby every week. Whatever is left over in our pockets to start building a little fund for him.  It’s a start, and he’s super cute, and I don’t mind feeding a super cute pig money every week. I also this this little guy would make a great baby shower gift. S/he comes in a bunch of colors too. We just liked white for our room.

child to cherish, piggy bank, white piggy bank, large piggy bank

I think he works well with our baby room plan. Lot’s of fun animals, lots of bright white, and functional. He’s light, but has a nice quality to him, and like I mentioned, I love the big belly and the fact you dont have to crack him open to get the goods out! See how well he will work with the monkey and porcupine?! I am kind of obsessed with his profile too.

white piggy bank


nursery ideas, diy nursery, campaign dresser, campaign dresser nursery

Sadly the nursery isn’t complete, so I will not have a home for him until we get things in order (can you believe we only have three months?!). I am excited for him to take his place once the nursery rounds out.

baby shower gift



Do you have a piggy bank for your kids? Is it purely decorative, or do you actually put money in it?

child to cherish l

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  1. Sarah Dymond says:

    Each one of my babies has their own piggy bank. We haven’t gotten one for Owen yet, because we needed to get a different color than blue. (The big boys both have blue, one with “My First Piggy”, and the other with white polka dots.) Tize’s is white with painted flowers and her name on it. We have a Flannigan’s cup we keep the spare change in, and about once a month we take a handful for the kids to put in their piggies. They love it and it teaches hand/eye coordination. Just have to keep watch that Parker doesn’t put any in his mouth. LOL.

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