Pondering Paint

February 10, 2011
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February 14, 2011

Pondering Paint

Our bedroom is a putty color right now. It came that way. We like it just fine. After finishing up the bed, we got a bit of the “finish the bedroom bug”. Hence, we are naturally starting with the walls. Instead of “just fine” walls, we want walls we love. We have a few ideas in mind, we expressed here.  We started prepping the far wall from the bed to stencil. We tested a few colors. Take a peek.

The colors we picked seemed too blue, or too white. So back to the drawing board. This time we found something we really liked. Thanks to Miss Martha, we decided on this combo.

The colors’ names leave something to be desired. Winters Day, Cement Grey, and Cumulus Cloud. Ouch, those are pretty downer. With names aside, we are in love, and here is what we are thinking. The dark and the light we will use in the stencil, and the middle color to paint the three other walls in the room. We did not want to get too colorful, afterall we have some black and white stripes to deal with on the bed wall. This can get busy looking, very easily. The stencil wall is primed and ready to stencil. Can’t wait to share when we are finished!


  1. Those colors will work really well together, I'm curious to see a stenciled and striped wall in the same room!

  2. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @Sarah The more we progress with the stencil, the less appealing the stripes seems to be in the same room. Don't think we can pull both off gracefully. Will post with an update 🙂

  3. I absolutely love those colors. I've actually used the paint color cumulus cloud before and it looks great.

  4. Joey and Lana Make a House a Home says:

    @Lauren Yes! We love it! It's very "bright" for a gray. Perfect for our bedroom! Where did you use it?

  5. Hi! I just bought cumulus cloud blue yesterday for my family room and i am so excited to try it out. looks like it worked out for you and also for another person that commented on here. All i have heard is great things about it so i couldn't pass it up! Thanks for the other tips, good luck with all your endeavors!

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