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January 7, 2015
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January 18, 2015

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Have you broken your new-year-new-you resolution yet? We are two weeks in, and this seems to be the breaking point for most people to skip a day at the gym or eat a cookie (or two) when they so sincerely promised themselves it would be different this year. I use to do that. I would make a laundry list of promises to myself about what I would do, who I would be, now that this new year is upon me. I would always, and I mean always, break every single little promise. While mid-manicure today I found myself listing off the gyms I joined, exercise plans I failed, and last-ten-pound stunts I pulled. I never stuck to any of it. Why? I simply don’t like working out.


Then it dawned on me. I don’t want to work out, but I do want to lose ten pounds, so what now? What am I willing to alter to make my goal? It came down to food. I decided to cut out cheese, dairy, and eggs completely. As a vegetarian I eat a lot of cheese as it seems to be the only readily available form of food being I don’t actually like eggs very much, and fish is not vegetarian food contrary to popular belief. I made a shift I knew I could handle. I am already use to “restrictive” eating, what’s a few more ingredients to avoid? I am not use to working out, or dedicating time I don’t have to do something I don’t want. I am curious to see if this shift actually lands the results I want. I am cool with slow and steady, as long as there is progress.

With this attitude (I didn’t realize exactly what was going on until the manicure, but it was happening none-the-less) Joey and I have shifted so much in our life to start this new year fresh and more manageable. Resolutions scream that something is wrong, and by fix that thing, everything will then be right. That’s too much pressure, especially when things feel good. We did our annual purge of people/places/things that don’t feel good, and man did we purge every drawer and corner of our life. Sometimes life just needs a little edit, not a big elaborate ritual.

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We have finally opened a unit of The Rich Hippies House (you loving know it as #MAHAHProjectHouse via instagram if you follow along) and are on to the second unit, opened a Rich Hippies store front, have a good idea about renovations in our current home, expanded the Rich Hippies line of kids clothing and now have home goods, still work with our media partners on this very blog and for them directly writing and styling, and of course Joey is still making music for movies, TV and commercials. Atlas just started a school program a month ago, but still we have yet to learn to breathe. We thought by working for ourselves we would have more “us” time. More time to blow dry my hair, go on dates, cook every single meal from scratch…..not so much. We consider this our biggest needed shift. Taking back time.

Each thing we do we love so much, we have never be able to let any of it go. We crafted the exact life we want to live in the place we want to live it, so the only thing to do is start delegating and hiring out some of the less desirable parts of the work we love. I hate shipping, Joey hates painting, so it’s time to pay someone else and not be nailed to the DIY-every-single-thing-you-do cross. It’s hard for us controlling folks, but I rather be planning a two week trip to someplace amazing than sitting in a sea of boxes.

I guess you can say we resolved to shift things around to keep everything we have created for ourselves, let that grow organically and be able to use the boss-card a little more liberally and enjoy the life we spent so much time sorting out. A lot of this ability has come from a six week planning period before 2015 hit. I am so excited to share what we did to make it all work. It’s like dumping your busy brain out so you can focus on life. I was literally at a point I wasn’t showing up to dinner dates with friends because I simply forgot, and that’s not my “me”. Now that it’s been two weeks and I can see how well this self-created system is working, I am excited to share. Everything I did was found, made, and free with the exception of a binder, dividers, and some plastic binder sleeves.

Stay tuned, and go buy some printer ink because I have a some print outs for you to help stream line your 2015!

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