Sometimes I Wonder…

#MAHAHKitchen Reno is ALMOST DONE!
September 9, 2013
99% There with #MAHAHKitchenReno!
September 19, 2013

Sometimes I Wonder…

Hi friends! We have been home owners now for almost four years. I remember when we bought our home, I proclaimed it would be a two year project. Boy was I wrong. Granted, the $40,000 paintjob + wood repair was very unexpected, as was the broken hot water heater, plumbing repair, and a slew of other natural and unnatural disasters. You would think after four years of being home owners and DIY home owners at that, that we may have learned a thing or two. Sometimes I wonder, how good have we gotten at this homeowner thing. When Home Advisor asked us to find out our grade on their home maintenance report card (a quick 10 questions online quiz), we were game to find out.

Here is how we answered the questions…




How do you think we did? If you want to take the quiz for yourself (no cheating!), it takes about 120 seconds over here. Let us know what score you got. We will give you a clue as to our grade – they called us teacher’s pet, but I think we could have done better! After seeing some shocking facts, we immediately wanted to know the cost, and have added some of the maintenance to our list to help future Joey and Lana save a little cash. We’ll be back with the results!

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