Spanish Style + Palm Beach Style Peek at our First Room

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September 11, 2017
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October 27, 2017

Spanish Style + Palm Beach Style Peek at our First Room

As I am typing, I am somewhere in the Appellation Mountains after spending one night in Georgia and four nights in Nashville to escape Hurricane Irma. We are heading to Asheville for a few nights to wait to see when power is going to be restored and road conditions will be safe for driving. I can not believe what a monster this storm was. I am simply heartbroken for everyone who has to deal with the aftermath and fearful for the rest of the season. This is the number one thing I do not like about living in Florida, these storms are so scary and it never seems like there is a “right” thing to do. To stay. To leave. Go where? For how long? Right now I am ready to be home, and I know the boys are too.

While we do have power and are capable of getting things done, we decided to work on as much design of the new house as we can, considering she was significantly spared and we can get back to work as soon as we get back.

I am so excited about this property because it’s a mix of two out of three of my favorite styles. Spanish and Palm Beach. I am so down to make this a fun one. Next project I will make sure has a little Mid Century Modern going on, just to keep it balanced.

Right now we have a solid plan for about five rooms, so I thought we would share one. We ordered so much during the Labor Day sales and have no idea where any of it is currently, so we have our work cut our for us tracking it down and hoping it’s not sitting in front of the house, in the rain.

The Main House living room:

She’s a bit rough, but loaded with potential.

Here is the Main House Living Room Plan

chandelier –| couch – urban | pillows – pottery | curtain rod – | rug – | buffet (vintage) | coffee table – wayfair

The inspiration for the room is a balance between Spanish style (like the house itself) and Palm Beach (where it’s located).

  (source)                                                          (source)                                                                    (source)


Our goal is to make this feel like a relaxed vacation spot, but instead of the typical cool feel of a hotel, we are aiming for a warm and cozy feeling.

There is so much work being done since we got back, we have a ton to share.


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