Cover that up!

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December 17, 2012
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January 4, 2013

Cover that up!

Mornin’! With the arrival of our guests coming in just a few short days, some minor tweaks needed to be made for their safety and comfort. Last year when we started paying more attention to the kitchen we got some stainless steal outlet covers, but I got the wrong kind for our particular outlet. Fail. So things were looking a little naked.

unfinished subway tile

It was actually kind of scary to plug things in and unplug them because nothing was holding the outlet in place. With five people staying with us and not knowing our not-so-awesome kitchen quirk, we thought it time to put safety first, and be a little less irresponsible and cover these babies up.

open electrical, no switchplate, no plug cover

Shame on me, because I knew this, but the covers were super cheap, and there was no reason not to get them. I think they are way prettier than the plastic ones the house came with. They were also less than $2 a pop after a few minutes of googling a place that had stainless steal outlet covers.

stainless steel switch plate

We decked out the whole kitchen good and proper, even the unfinished/untiled side.

I love when small changes make big happy.

stainless steel plug cover, stainless steel electrical cover,



  1. Now, you’re not going to worry about their safety.
    The power outlet turned out clean and nice.

  2. kelly says:

    do you mind sharing the website? I’ve been looking a long time for plain silver/steel outlet covers but can never find any under $5!

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