Table Top Trot

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May 14, 2012
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May 30, 2012

Table Top Trot

Hello! We have been a little “shop” happy lately, and it all started with Joey suggesting we need new silverware. We had many discussions on the direction we were going, and he gave me the green light to get these guys…

At $29 a place setting from West Elm, there was really no excuse to not get them, but the silliest thing held me back. The knife. I know it’s totally silly, and I am sure there is a reason the “blade” isn’t gold – but I just couldn’t bend. It’s not like you can buy a flatware set and exclude the butter knife. Bummer.

Then, we were shopping in Brooklyn and popped into out friends Tony’s store, Abode. It’s hands down our favorite shop for home goods in the 11211. It opened up just as we were moving to Westchester, but we go back often to dig through the well curated picks. As we were chatting, Joey came upon these.

We had kinda noticed it before, but we paid attention this time and realized – this flatware is sexy. That butter knife looks serious. We wanted it. We conically throw out silverware (no idea how), but these guys demand attention and to not be married with the trash. Pus they cost way more than $29 a set – so shame on us if we lose a single piece. The super modern sexy look works well with the rough and tumble vintage-brit thing we have going on. Welcome little shiny friends!

I think they mix well with our quirky kitchen collection. If you like these guys too, they run about $80 a set and you don’t have to live in the BK to snag them. Abode has a website, and these happen to be available on there.

Have you splurged somewhere unexpected recently? Score anything fun that you use everyday? Or do you throw away flatware too by mistake?

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