campaign dresser

November 26, 2012

Playing Dress-Up!

Restoring or completely altering the look of a dusty old piece of furniture that you found at Father Time’s yard sale can sometimes seem like more work than it’s worth. I’m here to tell you otherwise, my friend. Pretend I sound like Sam Elliott as I gently guide you through what it took to turn these… …into these. Most of this project, and any other project as I have found them, comes down to prep work. And every time I try and take a shortcut, I get burned worse than Lana’s favorite, “Burnt Broccoli”. In this case, I tried to […]
September 20, 2012

Campaign Dresser Prep

I finally found a matching pair of campaign dressers on criagslist! They are the right shape, the right amount of drawers, and have all their hardware! I don’t know if it’s an East Coast thing, but it was super hard to find a pair at a reasonable price. I feel out West, they basically give them away. They are in far-from-perfect condition, but with a little DIY-TLC, I am pretty confident we can get them ready for the nursery and looking good enough for our little prince! We have been inspired by so many great refinish jobs around the web! […]