June 28, 2013

#MAHAHKitchenReno Continues!

Kitchen renovations mean business! I remember how serious the whole process was when I did my first kitchen reno for a client last year – and we had a contractor and worker bee’s getting it done around the clock and it was still stressful! Lots of stuff got messed up with the cabinets and sizing, sink and faucet issues galore, and last minute switches by the client. Nightmare. I was dead set on making sure our DIY reno went a bit smoother, and part of that was letting the pro’s do their thing on our DIY weak spots – like […]
May 21, 2013

Fixing Kitchen Mistakes!

It’s been a long hard road with this kitchen. When we bought the house, we figured we would get to it ASAP. As the expenses of home-owning built up, the full kitchen reno kept getting pushed back. Even though most of the kitchen renovation work is being DIY’ed, we are no kitchen experts and we even messed up a few times (here with painting the fridge and then painting everything with matte white). Also, do you know how to DIY a fridge, microwave, dishwasher or stove? We don’t. How cool would that be if we did…hmmmm… So, here is where […]
November 6, 2012

Kitchen Reno Update & Bye Bye Chalkboard Fridge

We have been chipping away at the kitchen very, very slowly over the last three years. We found an architect, have been using the temp Ikea floors, chalkboarded the fridge that came with the house, replaced countertops, selected flooring we love (about to buy!), and finalllllllly bought and installed all our new appliances. We last has reached $2,793.11 so far in renovations, but our latest purchase upped that number quite a bit. The last “official update” was back in January and we figured now was good as time as any to see how our past decisions are working out for […]
August 20, 2012

Secret Mold Attack

How much fun was it to find the grossest mold covered drywall behind the old stove when we replaced it with the new stove? The most unfun. Mold freaks me out, and super freaks me out while pregnant. I mean, look at it. That scary stuff (like horror movie scary) was just inches away from food we were cooking. Our old stove was a single unit with a detachable hood. I am pretty sure it was from the 70s. It cooked everything uneven, and was quite an eye sore. You can imagine how excited I was when we bought a new stove […]