June 18, 2014

One Important Tip for Hanging Outdoor Curtains

  Hello friends! We are very excited about today’s post. Back in New York we had this great idea to use pipes to make 360 degree curtain rods, and they worked out great! We adored our little mudroom off the kitchen, and even though this new Nashville house has a mudroom, it’s totally different and does not require the same window dressing. Our patio however, very much does. This time though, we had to really think about curtains mingling with the elements, and what we were going to do to avoid things like mold and keeping them clean. If you […]
September 10, 2012

Putting the Pressure On

If you had a chance to check out our post about pressure treated wood, and how to prep it for growing edibles and protect yourself while working with it – you know a lot more than we did when we looked into it! To really drive the safety aspect home, we made a little video to help answer the most common questions we have come across (and asked ourselves) and to share what safety tools we used in the process.   Content and/or other value provided by our partner, 3M DIY. All safely materials were graciously supplied by 3M, and we are grateful they did because this project […]