The Best Houston Haunts + a Story

We have a gloomy foyer.
July 5, 2012
From Queens to Kings
July 11, 2012

The Best Houston Haunts + a Story

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Funny story about Houston…..

We went to Houston for Joey’s brother’s graduation back in May (wow, it’s July, isn’t it…). Gregory was leaving high school and off to enter the academic wilds of college and Joey was a very proud older brother.  I had been under the weather (I thought I had it bad back in May, if I only knew what I know now!), however pretty excited for the trip. I love Houston, and and visiting! I very much lucked out in the in-law’s department because they are about as great as they come and always fun to visit.

So, the day before the graduation, we did some shopping (tons and tone of photos below to take a “virtual window shop”!) in Houston ad started at Olivine, my favorite shop in Houston. It’s run by this very nice Australian lady who has loaded the shop with the softest linens and most cushy fabrics and pillows you could imagine. I always want to stock up when I am there. This time we opted for the little read guy you see above. We have always bought our then non-existant-baby things when we traveled. She asked if it was for our kid, and we started chatting. I was sure she thought we were nuts. Running around her shop taking photos and buying a toy for someone who wasn’t expected anytime soon. We explained we were trying, and I think she saw the worry in my face and told me about her sister and her husband and how they were on the verge of a possible split and she wished a baby upon them – and it was so – and they are still married amongst other stories of her other-people-baby-making-positivity. She proceeded to tell me that she’s got really good baby karma and she officially wished us luck on our journey an gave us the little doll as a gift.

The very next day….

positive pregnancy test

Funny thing was, I was 100% sure I wasn’t pregnant. This was the day the Gregory’s graduation. Do you understand how hard it was to not say anything the WHOLE day? I thought it would be incredibly rude – it was Gregory’s day after all! Anyway, that’s te story of how we found out we were pregnant, and of course we rounded it out with your visual tour of the shopping we did the day before May 19th!

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