The First Thing To Break at The Rich Hippies House

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The First Thing To Break at The Rich Hippies House

Sometimes the perfect partner comes along at the perfect time and this was one of those times. Grateful to work with One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning® on this problem and provide you with all with our honest thoughts and opinions on our experience. | broken AC west palm beach | rich hippies house

We have had our first “emergency” at The Rich Hippies House. While the cleaning crew was in the upstairs duplex they noticed a guest had the AC unit on 61 degrees, and the AC was leaking into the downstairs duplex closet. We had guests coming the very next day and had to rush to solve the problem. Florida is not a place to be without temperature control. Even when it rains, it never really cools down once summer is here. Basically, we hop from air conditioned car to air conditioned building, so much so that we now have a UV light on our air conditioner, and we recommend that you get one too. You may be thinking ‘do i need a uv light for my air conditioner?’ And while you probably don’t NEED one, we think it’s a great idea! At our house, if you are outside for more than a few moments the humidity gets to your hair and your clothes cling to you and 80 degrees magically turned to 95 in a flash.

We had heard good things about the Direct Energy family of brands and found One Hour Air Conditioning & Heating® late Thursday night, and first thing Friday morning they were at the house running a diagnostic. We needed a solution that we could trust, someone who can solve the problem (no matter how complex or easy it was), and someone who could do it quickly before the guests showed up. | broken AC west palm beach | rich hippies house

Enter Steve. Steve made everything A-OK again. We were so stressed because we didn’t even have an emergency AC plan. It wound up needing a recharge of refrigerant. Steve said that even if it was 1am, to give him a ring if something went funky. In about an hour Steve diagnosed it, fixed it, and was leaving right as our guests were showing up. It’s been a long time since someone showed up and fixed a problem without a big to-do. It feels almost retro.

We wound up passing along his info to our management company, being we have four separate AC units, and there is certainly a chance we will have another emergency. If you need someone like this for your emergency and not-so-emergency HVAC situations, they may even have a solution near you, you can find out by visiting their website or calling 855-One-Hour.

Thank you, Steve!

Sponsored by One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning®. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

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