The Rich Hippies House Lower Duplex Before and After

The Rich Hippies House Studio Before and After
May 30, 2018
Adventure 5 // Tampa Bay Area, FL
June 13, 2018

The Rich Hippies House Lower Duplex Before and After

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Hi friends! Did you have a chance to check out the intense studio before and after? Today we are sharing the bottom “sea level” duplex before and after. Take a look at where we started back in October 2017.


Before we had this welcoming entry, things were looking a bit grim at the downstairs duplex, and maybe even worse inside.

To be fully transparent, this photo above was taken after Hurricane Irma. We lost our avocado tree by the fountain, and had a ton (no exaggeration) of debris to deal with. That wasn’t the hard part. The pavers were. We will get to the exterior in another post because that was a whole thing in itself.

Here is where we started with the downstairs duplex. Ratty awning, ugly light, decent door that let some light in, and what you see below.

Downstairs Duplex Before:

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I really loved those Mexican tile floors and the French doors in the bedroom, but that was about it. This unit had this dark feeling, so we immediately brightened it with our favorite white paint and removed those high cabinets and replaced with simple subway tile. It lightened the mood quickly. Along the way we needed to remove sections of wall to get rid of mold, but it actually wasn’t in too bad of shape with the exception of the bathroom, which got a total redo.

Downstairs Duplex During: 


Downstairs Duplex After:

This unit is done, but I have a little “future wish list”:

  • I would like to update the stove, even though it’s perfectly fine
  • The fridge would be better if it was smaller
  • It needs more plants, but still figuring out what I can keep alive in low light
  • Bedskirt
  • I don’t love the bedside tables, I want something vintage and wood
  • A few pieces of art, currently on the hunt


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I love being able to share these before and after posts. No sooner did we launch, the AC broke in this unit and we had an emergency situation on our hands. That’s for another post friends!


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P.P.S. Want to rent the Rich Hippies House? Host an event?

Before photos J Katsaros / After Photos Shelby Soblick

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