The Ring

A little about TenSing Pen
July 11, 2008
July 12, 2008

The Ring

Because so many people are asking…..

took my breath away 🙂


  1. Aricka says:

    Hi Lana,
    How exciting! I can’t believe we are both in Brooklyn and will both be married at Tensing Pen. It is such a LOVELY place but very hard to work with when planning your wedding — so be prepared.

    I will be married about 5 months before you but much of my planning is now done! I have so many details on the blog (like the layout and some pricing for chairs and flowers, th menu etc.)

    I know you loved it when you were there and I went for a planning trip in April and was in Jamaica in January too so any questions you have that I may be able to help with just let me know.


  2. Antonella says:

    It’s truly stunning! Did you photograph your ring or did you find a photo online? If you did it yourself you have another career as a jewelry photographer.

    Good luck.

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