Tiny Crisis

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Trash Talking
October 16, 2015
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October 21, 2015

Tiny Crisis

Tiny Crisis

You guys, we are going through a tiny little crisis here. We spend a lot of time on the porch as a family. Atlas loves to water plants, there is a serious love for keeping things green alive. We draw with chalk all over everything, he bounces on his trampoline, and we wave to neighbors. When Atlas hits the hay, Joey and I spend time out there drinking coffee and playing backgammon and enjoying a moment of peace and relax.

Then, they came. It started with one, and then one grew into a tiny town and the town turned into two towns and then three, and now we are afraid of our porch.

Not cool wasps. Not cool at all. There is actually a family living in the arm of our chair.


We want our porch back, and quick before it’s too cold to enjoy extended time out there. This is also bad timing because we have been toying with the idea of painting the house a new color and did a huge test swatch which has just been hanging out because we are in wasp-avoidance mode.

making a house a home I hot shot wasp spray I happilycuratedchaos.com

So like most things in our life, we decided to DIY a solution and grab a bottle of Hot Shot® Wasp and Hornet Killer, so we can decide on a paint color and get on with porch life. Joey took the honors of testing out if we could evict these evil doers, and deserves all the credit for making the porch critter free again.

Lucky for us we got to avoid another bill by avoiding a call to a pest control place, because the wasp families haven’t been back. We had been kind of nervous doing pest control ourselves in the past, and were surprised how easy and effective it was to manage this particular situation ourselves.

So, what’s the status of the porch? You can see the option we are currently testing out: creamy white! We also decided to switch the red door to black and love the switch. The ochre trim we decided to go over in black. We added a little porch oven for when it gets too chilly and added some layers to the bench and moved some pieces around.


It’s finally back to a safe zone, and we can hang out and enjoy the amazing Nashville weather and Atlas is back on plant duty and most importantly we can keep swatting our house a pick a color already.

Here is what we have going on so far for fall, what do you think?




making a house a home I fall porch I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I porch I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I front door I happilycuratedchaos.com

making a house a home I front porch I happilycuratedchaos.com

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Hot Shot® Insecticides.


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