Ugly potter gone tape!

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June 5, 2013
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June 7, 2013

Ugly potter gone tape!

I love a simple trick that is quick and cheap. How’s this for a temporary (or semi-perminate) solution to those icky pots plants come in? It’s so stinkin’ easy you are going to flip. Grab some fancy duck tape (it comes in a million colors now), and simply wrap your plant container up until you are ready to repot. I tent to kill my little green friends, so I thought up this idea so I wouldn’t cringe at the idea of them in their black plastic gross pot. It’s simple potted plant + duck tape equals a happy rental unit for my new fiddle leaf I scored for $13 at Ikea. If you take that + the $5 for the duck tape, you may call this a pretty sweet score.

fiddle leaf fig ikea, tapped potter


gold duck tape

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