We bought a bed. In a box.

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July 2, 2012
We have a gloomy foyer.
July 5, 2012

We bought a bed. In a box.

Happy Holiday Week! Thanks so much for the emails – I am feeling a bit better! These new meds are working some of the time, so that’s exciting! With six more months to go before we meet our little one, we have a lot of planning and buying going on. It’s a little panicky, especially when our hot water heater just broke and we had to shell out an unexpected $2,000 to enjoy the glory of hot water again.

One of the things I insisted on was a new mattress. We’d heard about some of the great mattresses on the internet on places like ZENHAVENCOUPON.ORG/, but we had been neglecting purchasing a mattress for too long. We built a pretty great King size bed from scratch, but the original Queen mattress has been hanging out on it a little longer than we would like to admit.

DIY Bed, build a bed, tufted bed, extra large headboard, dwell studio sheets, pillar

I have even been buying King sheets and duvets from the dozy owl to push myself into committing to a new mattress. We went to mattress stores and awkwardly sprawled across the bed in positions we don’t naturally sleep in. I mean who sleeps belly-up side by side? That’s how everyone at the mattress stores tests them out – I didn’t want to be the loon with the 20 pillows spooning to see if we get along with a mattress while passer-by’s sneak a peek at my sleeping habits.

So back to another long break in mattress shopping. We did a bunch of internet research, and watched all the variations of new fancy offerings infomercial style and all, and then one day we stumbled upon an option that seems spot on! We found Bed in a Box. More specifically the PacBamboo which is carried by bedinabox.com

pacbamboo, bed in a box, bedinabox.com, non-toxic memory-foam, cheap memory foam bed

I think now is a good time to tell you we were not paid/sponsored/asked/or offered anything to write this post. We haven’t even received the bed yet to make a final judgement call on if we even like it or not! We are just simply excited we found a bed in a box that is earth friendly foam and non-toxic and in a box. Hehe.

pacbamboo, foam mattress, memory foam, bamboo mattress, natural mattress

So you see all the perks pretty clearly above. Non-toxic, all natural, 20 year warranty, 120 day no-risk trial. That 120 trial was a big selling factor because we couldn’t find anyplace to go test these beds out! Not that we would have really done a good job testing. So now we get to see if we like it in the comfort of our home, and really sleep on it to see if we love it as much as we think we will. The best part?

pacbamboo, pac bamboo, bed in a box price

After bed, frame, free shipping, and zero tax, the bed came to over a thousand dollars less than anything we looked at and it will be at our home in 2-3 days (in a box!). We will give an update when it shows up and let you know how it turns out. I hear they run promotions sometimes, which should knock off some money – I wish we knew when the next one was happening so we could have saved some money, but I am pleased with how it’s happened so far.

Have you ever bought a bed without testing it out? Was it a nightmare or a dream come true? Have you ever even heard of these guys?


  1. christie says:

    Hi there…found your review on bed in a box…we are considering buying the same model, the bamboo pac bed. Now that you have had for awhile, do you continue to give it high marks? Would you guy it again? Any advice you have would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.


    • Lana Katsaros says:

      so sorry for the delay, we are mid-move! we still love it and have had no problems with it. we plan to buy a queen for the guest room once we settle. thanks!

  2. Kourtney says:

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  4. Kunal Kumar says:

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