We decided to move to Florida

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September 30, 2016
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February 6, 2017

We decided to move to Florida

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I’ll give you the long and the short of it. I guess it depends how curious you are; if you’ll read it all.

In short, it’s true, and something I said I would never, ever do. I insisted it’s a horrid place to raise a family and that a place with no seasons, has no soul. We are moving south of the south, to Boca Raton, Fl.

It wasn’t even a long discussion for us to land on “Yes, let’s move to Florida for a while”. I honestly think we are exhausted by winter.

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Nashville has been nice. We have met some incredible people, started to live out some big dreams, and joined a really wonderful community. Financially, it’s really forgiving here. We blew through every penny we brought from our NYC move to both focus on creating and succeeding independently. And we did it. We built businesses that support our family without loans, and they continue to grow. Owning a business is about the most emotional thing I have even been through besides being a mom. It’s basically like having another baby that constantly needs something 24/7 and you aren’t allowed to think of yourself until it get’s that need filled. It’s terrifying how much time and effort you put into starting and operating a business. It won’t love you back like your child, but the customers sure do give you a good dose of happy feelings pretty regularly.

On the family side of things, Atlas is not having his needs met. It’s so hard to find the therapies he needs within hour of Nashville. It’s also mind-blowing how quickly people give up on kids here. They actually just give up. This is a foreign concept to me. Twice our son has been completely given up on with either minimal or no explanation. Without too much detail, his needs can’t be met because of the very few resources available and the ridiculous wait lists associated with them. He is currently at an incredible facility with very kind and professional therapists for speech and OT, but it only meets a small portion of his diagonsed needs.

Over the past few months we have been down to Boca Raton a few times to house hunt, retail space hunt, and…. a new-venture-is-on-the-horizon hunt. During this time I tried to open my mind to all that’s developed over the last 16+ years. I moved to NYC when I was just turning 20, so a lot has changed.

We tested out a handful of parks in Boca and we are so excited to see the improvements they are making to Sugar Sand, but it was also pretty amazing to share the old beach I would go to, my old neighborhood park, and also the renovated park at my old soccer fields (I spent 14 years playing at!).

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Delray had the cutest little museum, Sandoway Discovery Center, where Atlas got to touch a tiny gator, and learn about sharks.

South Florida has an awesome farmer’s market, a lot more vegan places, and that amazing beach air I didn’t realize I missed so much. Plus it doesn’t hurt a solid handful of childhood friends are still living down there. It’s easy, before things get a lot more complicated.

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It’s called the Yellow Green Market, and it’s pretty epic if you are into tropical plants, fresh juices, and vegan food. Vegan food distributed by a place called Atlas. Sometimes the stars align in such an odd way, it makes me laugh.




As you can see it’s loaded with freshness. The market is pretty large with lots of great stuff mixed in with some OK stuff. It’s hot, and sticky but worth it if you want to stock on on tropical fruit, plants, intense, tee’s and grab a very delicious bite to eat. We all had a fun time and spent about an hour an a half wondering around.

We have been looking between Miami and Cocoa Beach, and we think we found our temporary home, but can honestly be happy anywhere on the beach for a few years.

As of today, we sold the Airbnb, and our home is still on the market. We closed down one of the Nashville Rich Hippies locations, and decided to keep the Germantown Nashville location up and have a big plan for it that we can barely handle keeping secret right now.

With 2017 comes a new blog, a new home, and a totally off-the-wall new plan for life.







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