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What’s in My Bag? Pool Day Edition
August 25, 2017
happily curated chaos | Legoland is Easy | happilycuratedchaos.com
Adventure 3 // Legoland Florida
September 5, 2017

we plan < universe laughs

happily curated chaos | Miami day trip | happilycuratedchaos.com

We made a big ‘ol promise of “coming back” and we totally dropped the ball. A few times now. But, life. Life, life, life. Let me explain.

We had this really simple plan when we moved to Florida. We had a school picked out for Atlas, and a building one week away from closing when we hit the road south of the south with a pit stop at Legoland to celebrate.

Immediately it all began to fall apart. Atlas was denied his IEP, which is basically a putting a scarlet letter on his academic life. Our son, diagnosed with autism, low muscle tone, sensory processing disorder, and a speech delay was denied his academic legal rights to a free and appropriate education because he passed a standardized test. Because he’s smart. Because he loves one on one attention. Because his math and engineering skills sometimes hit a seven or eight year old level.

It took months to figure out and decode the way Florida works and “deals” with these kids.

And we lost the building. The owners realized what they had, and killed the whole deal.

Today, five months later, we finally figured out his insurance, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and school for autism (just for pre-school). What a journey! It was a full time job for both of us to get our son to good.

It also took four months to make a new plan from losing the building we were buying, and I have to say I am SO excited about the new plan. I can’t wait to share, but this time we are waiting until the keys are in our hands before we peep. We lost even more places in the process, but I honestly feel it was all leading us here. Like a song you cant get out of your head, every day we woke up to the same tug.

We said this wasn’t going to be a home blog anymore, but it kind of is still going to have a focus on home improvement, even if it’s not our home. We said we were traveling the world, and sharing it all, and we still are. We finally booked our tickets to Lisbon and Zurich, and are dreaming up where else to go next, it’s just not happening in the exact time line we planned. Atlas and his 10 sessions a week took priority over world travel, so that’s that for now.

During the in-between, we have been exploring Florida in all it’s 99 degree glory.

happily curated chaos | Miami day trip | happilycuratedchaos.com

happily curated chaos | Miami day trip | happilycuratedchaos.com

happily curated chaos | Legoland is Easy | happilycuratedchaos.com

Just like Nashville, we enjoy spending as much time as we can seeking out local farmer’s markets and nursery in search of plants we may not kill. New adventures now include more beach and pool time, which is something I have missed desperately over the last 18 years. Atlas has learned to swim, and it’s brilliant. We have been driving up and down the coast hunting for a new location for Rich Hippies, land, buildings, you name it. We have some things in the works, and launched a pop-up in a collaborative in West Palm Beach, and if you follow us on instagram, you have been given a fair share of peeks. things look on the upswing and if we can actually close on this new project this week, we will have so much goodness to share with you. Thanks for hanging out while we make all these big changes.



happily curated chaos | happilycuratedchaos.com


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