we turn 1

Going home to roost!
March 22, 2010
Save The Children: even your own!
March 28, 2010

we turn 1


Joey and I got married twice. Most of our friends and family don’t know this! Our wedding was in Jamaica, but a few months before we ran off to Vegas with a handful of family and friends and got married a la Elvis. We did this to make sure all of our paperwork was legal and American. One year ago today was that faithful day.

We accomplished a lot in our year! We adopted our second son, I mean, dog, Porkchop VanderSandwich. We bought a house kind of unexpectedly. I started a new company, also unexpected. Joey went platinum, totally expected. Last, but surely not least, we started our blog!



So today we are going to sneak off and celebrate us and our first year of marriage!

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  1. Veronica says:

    Congrats! I feel like a stalker so I should probably tell you that I’m Joey’s cousin to make it less strange (or is that worse?).

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