What a Week! Whew!

We Have a Winner!
March 15, 2010
Going home to roost!
March 22, 2010

What a Week! Whew!

This week has got to be one of the busiest weeks of my life! We had a big ‘ol hurricane like storm in our parts and lot and lots of trees came down. We decided to go around and collect wood and turn it into stuff. My friend Duane and I are going to be working on an awesome (AWESOME) project with his art work, and Joey and I have a few projects in mind we are excited to get started on.


Additionally my friends and I launched our other website. Well, kind of. We launched 1/2 of it! If you are in, or going to be in New York, please join us! We launched part of what we hope to be an amazing venture. Right now we will be hosting guided shopping tours in NYC. These tours will bring you straight to the showrooms, which means you, the shopper, will gain super deep discounts! Also, no one leaves empty handed! Take home a lux gift bag worth $100+ at every tour! To start, we will be focusing on fashion and assessories, then moving on to home goods and gifts. Get the girls together and tell your friends! We appreciate the support!

We hope you have an amazing weekend!

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