What I am Bringing to Blogher12'

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July 24, 2012
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July 30, 2012

What I am Bringing to Blogher12'

I have been to a bunch of conferences in my life. Most of the time out in California for something technology related, or a hop over the pond for the same reason. I have even been to a few bizarr conferences at the request of a client or boss, including but not limited to The National Funeral Directors Association Conference in Las Vegas for seven days, and an online dating software one in San Francisco. I am a pro at these things. At least that’s what PC Magazine, Wired Magazine, and Microsoft have told me. I often speak or present. I even shared a stage with Mark Zuckerberg once. Yep, that’s me, a pro. When it comes to technologies. When the attendees are 90% male. When I am hopped up on adrenalins from being in a new place and excited to explore as much as I can in my small window. I am in fact everyone’s friend and seam to have the b*lls of a bull.

Next week is going to be a wee bit different. This is the first time I am going to a female focused event in my neck of the woods while in the middle of the great puke fest of ’12.Good and not so good at the same time. I love that I don’t need to get on a plane and schlep around. I love that it’s only 15 miles away from home sweet home. I hate that I won’t have a hotel room right above me if I need a moment to myself or to drop off/pick up things. So I thoughtfully curated what would be going in my bag with the expectation of keeping it light and useful. I would LOVE to know what you are brining/what’s a must have!

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1. a medium case for peoples biz cards, so they don’t float around in my bag. 2. a portable battery pack from zagg to plug my iphone/ipad into with 10 hours loaded 3. my everything machine. camera. iphone. blogher schedule. all loaded. 4. my iphone charger, just in case there is an open outlet 5. lots of little snacks, so i don’t turn into a grump. when baby get’s hungry i feel the pain! 6. fresh new business cards 7. my ipad 8. a heavy pen (poppin), so I don’t forget it somewhere and a thin sharpie to write notes on other people’s biz cards.


  1. Winnie says:

    This was helpful. I am going for my first time and am a n ew blogger. I live in NY but out on the island, so had to get a room, or I would be missing out. Thanks for the tips…I added sharpie to my list and snacks! See you there!

  2. ahh! Im so happy you are going!!! I will be there Saturday only, but lets meet up! Obvs. Since I am also local, I ALSO have NO place to take breaks….Thanks for the case idea for others cards, I always forget, and like you said, always have a shitpile floating around!! Im emailing you now!Muah…ps,,,i hope little baby Lana or Joey cooperates and lets you have at least a few sick-free days!!

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