What’s in My Bag? Pool Day Edition

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What’s in My Bag? Pool Day Edition

One of the most exciting things about moving back to Florida has been all the beach and pool time we have been able to have. It’s so easy to gather a group of friends and spend the whole day by the pool or just hang as a family.

Another great thing about Florida is, that as a family, we have made a promise to not waste time doing things we don’t want to do as much as possible. We are embracing convenience.  We have subscribed to the idea that getting as much delivered as we can is the best way for us to function with our unpredictable schedule. This has included everything being delivered from dinner, to groceries, bulk items and even water. Good water.

When it’s as hot as it is here in Florida (have you experienced a Florida summer?), you basically do two things: air-condition-hop between buildings and cars and drink a ton of water. The fact that FIJI Water delivers for free and you can order a variety of sizes is genius for pool days and when we have tons of guests over. We love the way it tastes and the fact it’s from Fiji makes us feel fancy.

It goes without saying we bring a few FIJI Water bottles with us in our pool bag
(we like the one liter size for each person if we plan to be a few ours outside), and some other must-haves for a successful day at the pool.

First off, I get so many questions about my bag – It’s from Amanda Perna, and I love every single bag she makes.

We bring a few towels for obvious reasons, goggles, a sun hat and balls. There is something Atlas loves about playing catch in the water. We like zinc based sunscreens, they tend to stay on better for us all.

I would love to say we bring books to read, but we are honestly consumed with watching Atlas and eating lunch, there isn’t a ton of reading time! One friend got us hooked on bringing cups to the pool – which sounds so silly and simple, but it actually brilliant. Playing with cups is something kids can do for at least thirty minutes!

What do you all bring to the pool? We are just now getting into pool toys, like those dive and retrieve one’s. Anything cool we are missing?



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