March 27, 2019

The Rich Hippies House Sunday Supper

I have been itching to throw a dinner party for local creatives for a while, so it was very exciting to actually set the date and make it happen. Joey built two huge cedar tables and benches to seat 20 folks and we collected some local talent to play along.The Rich Hippies House was the venue of course, and we got our tried and true photographer, Shelby to snap pics of the event. My friends Amanda and Gaby cohosted and everyone pitched in! Jules Aron made fresh and healthy cocktails and they were truly amazing. I am a big fan […]
March 11, 2019

The Countdown to Everything Changing Begins Now!

I have been planning this for years! When we moved from Nashville, we were headed to Portugal. That was two years ago. My dad was sick, and in need of a kidney and care, so we changed our plans. He had a ton of friends, but no consistent and reliable support to care for him and I knew if we didn’t show up for him, no-one would. I tried to keep the shop in Nashville while caring for him and Atlas along side Joey – but after a year we had to close the shop. It just wasn’t sustainable or […]
just a little family of a Joey, a Lana, and an Atlas planning on traveling the globe full time and reporting back starting Summer 2019! we are in the business of making life a vacation. until then, you can find our holiday rental + event space in West Palm beach at + our hunt for yummy vegan food, and random musings and homeschool and travel ideas right here. we love to hear from you! | @happilycuratedchaos




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